One of Africa’s most fascinating and enigmatic wildlife destinations, Botswana is a spectacular place. With almost a third of the country dominated by the dauntingly dry Kalahari Desert and the rest covered in thick savannah and the floodplains of the Okavango Delta, the Botswana travel package can be an exciting mix of fascinating landscapes with something unique to experience around every corner.

Botswana Highlights

Botswana has earned a reputation for being a role model for other African nations. With independence coming at an earlier age compared to its African counterparts, and shortly after that the discovery of gold which would boost the country’s economy and stability, Botswana is a special place.

Best known for the floodplains of the Okavango Delta with its immense wildlife and unbelievable scenery, the Kalahari Desert with its striking baobab trees, famous black-maned lions and fossilised rivers, and for playing host to some of the finest rustic camping on the continent, a trip here should be on every bucket list.

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Ready to get wild? Let’s go!

The meandering Okavango River, prone to flooding and inundating the plains with thirst-quenching freshwater, gives life to one of Botswana’s biggest attractions: the Okavango Delta. The Delta has been dubbed one of the world’s most extraordinary places and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is without a doubt the best place to enjoy a wildlife safari in Botswana. The sounds of roaring lions, laughter from hyenas and rough barks from nearby leopards, fill the air, along with the gentle rustle of papyrus reeds. The Delta is like a different world.

When guests choose the Delta as their preferred holiday destination, they can look forward, not only to an enlightening look at the dramatic day to day wildlife happenings but also to the luxurious lodgings.

On the very edge of the Okavango Delta, where the distinctly African Acacia and Mopane trees provide sparse shade from the scorching sun, sits the Moremi Game Reserve.

It covers only one-third of the Okavango Delta but in that small section of land lives one of the densest concentrations of wildlife in all of Africa. It is also the only section of the Delta that has been specifically fenced off to preserve wildlife.

By 1963, wildlife had been poached to the point that population numbers were drastically reduced, and so the Moremi Game Reserve was established.

There is a stark contrast between wetlands and dry patches of land, which quite noticeably stand out from the thick, green reeds, but both eco-systems work together to provide ideal wildlife habitats.

With rhinos having recently been re-introduced to the reserve, guests can now see all of the Big 5 along with a massive population of red lechwe and African wild dogs.

The game reserve is one of the easiest sections of the Okavango to access and it has well-maintained trails along with superb accommodation, perfect for visitors of all kinds.

The largest salt pans on earth can be explored at the Makgadikgadi Pans. Just a short distance from the Okavango Delta, the landscape takes on a completely different look, turning quite strikingly from the vibrant emerald greens and blues of the delta to deep reds and oranges of sandy dunes, and glittering whites of the salt pans.

This legendary place covers the northern section of the Kalahari Desert and stretches across an area that is about the size of Switzerland. Consisting of two protected regions, the Makgadikgadi Pans and the Nxai Pans might be best known for their captivating salt landscape, but they are also a phenomenal place to spot wildlife.

Various antelope species, zebra and wildebeest can be seen here, and much of the wildlife has adapted to life in this sometimes harsh place.

Having gained a legendary reputation for having not only the biggest elephant populations but also huge elephants, Chobe National Park is the size of a small country and has become the primary destination for all who venture to Botswana for a wildlife safari.

3 wildlife areas make up the park; the Linyanti Marshes, the Chobe Riverfront and Savuti. The Chobe Riverfront is the best place to spot elephant, hippo and a few cats, while the Linyanti Marshes are home to the greatest populations of predators, including wild dogs.

Chobe became the country’s first National Park in 1968 and is ideal for both guided safaris as well as self-drives and boat cruises with accommodation ranging from camping to 5-star.

Deep in the riverine woodland, a place where the 4 nations of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and Botswana meet at the confluence of the Chobe and the Zambezi Rivers, lies Kasane.

Known as the gateway to the Chobe National Park as well as the starting point for trips to the Victoria Falls, the area is well known for offering some of the best safari getaways while it also has a range of comfortable places to stay.

The Caracal Biodiversity Centre and the Kasane Forest Reserve are amongst the popular attractions.

How to Get There

The quickest and most reliable way to travel to Botswana would be to fly to OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa, or to Cape Town International Airport, and then embarking on a connecting flight to Maun Airport or Kasane Airport.

Those who are combining a trip to Botswana with a trip to the Victoria Falls can instead fly to Victoria Falls Airport or Livingstone Airport.

Best Time of the Year to Visit

Since it is primarily a safari destination, any time of the year is great for visiting Botswana. May through to September (the winter months) are ideal, as rain is minimal and the temperature is not overwhelmingly hot.

The Okavango floods between June and October, making some places a little more complicated to get to.

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