A majestic place of iconic balancing boulders, lush landscapes filled with wildlife, ancient towns and even older cultures and, of course, the legendary Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe should be included on every African bucket list. The country is home to fascinating archaeological sites with World Heritage status and numerous national parks, offering guests an authentic safari experience. Our custom travel packages include trips to the popular tourist attractions as well as a few exciting places off the beaten track.

Zimbabwe Highlights

Considered by many travellers to be the most magnificent country on the continent, not to mention it also being home to the friendliest people, Zimbabwe has a lot to offer its guests.

Those who choose Zimbabwe as their next holiday destination can look forward to the most rewarding wildlife safaris (the country is home to the Big 5) as well as having front row seats to some of the most spectacular green and gold landscapes, which range from green mountains and rocky outcrops to fast flowing rivers and fertile valleys.

To travel to Zimbabwe and not get to see the Victoria Falls would be a sin. It is difficult to put into words the feeling that stirs in those who see the mist, hear the roar and then finally witness Africa’s most beloved waterfall.

What begins as a somewhat gentle river quickly transforms into a raging torrent of water which plunges some 108 meters into the gorge below, creating a churning foam at its base, and spraying up a drenching mist which covers those walking the trail that runs in front of it. “Mosi-oa-Tunya” is the name the locals have given the falls, and it aptly translates to “the smoke that thunders”.

 In recent years Victoria Falls has become an adventure hot-spot with activities such as bungee jumping, helicopter flips, white water rafting, safari day trips into Chobe National Park and cruises on the Zambezi River all on offer. 

Pronounced “Wang-ee”, the park covers a massive 14 651 square kilometres and is home to over 107 types of animals including the endangered wild dogs, leopards, lions, giraffes, hyenas, and cheetahs. The park is best known for having the world’s largest elephant population.

The Hwange National Park is a mere 100km south of the Victoria Falls, which means itineraries can be created in such a way that guests can spend the morning at the Falls and an afternoon enjoying a laid back safari, seeing all kinds of incredible wildlife.

A popular attraction, situated close to Hwange National Park is the Painted Dog Centre. Perfect for a day trip, the Painted Dog Centre is a conservation effort aimed at the revival of the endangered Painted dog otherwise known as the African Wild Dog.

While these creatures are protected by 2 Wildlife Acts, they are still relentlessly hunted. Painted dogs are mottled coloured, big eared canines which are often confused with hyenas given their striking similarities.

They are indigenous to Southern Africa and the aim of the Painted Dog Centre is to educate local villages and conserve the dog population numbers.

Those adventurers wanting to indulge in a little exploration should most definitely add trips to Sheba’s Breast and Execution Rock to their travel itineraries.

Also known as the Matopos National Park, it is one of the most beautiful parks to visit. Home to an abundance of wildlife, and thick bush, the main attraction of the park is its astonishing rock formations.

Massive granite boulders lie scattered across a wide expanse of land, creating an enthralling sight. A visit to Rhodes Gravesite is another activity to be experienced in the park.

It is a simply beautiful trip and the perfect place to enjoy a sundowner while watching the fiery African sunset.  Adjacent to the park, guests can embark on a guided rhino walk.

Guests will get up close to the endangered white rhino and be in awe of one of Africa’s most recognisable animals.

How to Get There

Only a few international airlines fly directly to Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport (formerly known as Harare International Airport).

For this reason, most travellers fly to OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa.

From there, guests can fly directly to Victoria Falls Airport, which is a convenient way to travel if Victoria Falls is the first destination on an itinerary. Guests can also connect to Bulawayo from Johannesburg.

Best Time of the Year to Visit

The best time of the year to visit Zimbabwe is between the months of May and September, although Zimbabwe can be visited all year round.

To enjoy the best wildlife sightings, visiting between May and October, the country’s dry seasons, is best as animals are often spotted near waterholes.  The Victoria Falls are best visited from May to September.


Zambia is Africa’s best loved wildlife destination and it shares a border with Zimbabwe. Exploring remote wildlife reserves, which are home to the most diverse range of species found in Southern Africa, is the greatest part of an adventure here. Safaris go deep into the bush and are generally undertaken by highly experienced, friendly guides, who have a keen eye for spotting wildlife. Sunsets set the sky ablaze with vibrant colours and as night falls, the sounds of insects and a crackling fire becomes the background music to shared traditional tales that conjure up the imagination. This is Zambia.

Zambia Highlights

Zambia seemingly has it all. A landlocked country, with three wide rivers flowing through it, including the Zambezi River which eventually forms a part of the Victoria Falls, Zambia is the ideal destination for the more independent traveller.

With countless well looked after wildlife parks there are few other countries in Southern Africa who can compete on the same playing field as Zambia when it comes to diversity.

Zambia and Zimbabwe have a shared interest in the Victoria Falls.

While guests viewing the falls on the Zimbabwe side can enjoy the cascading falls, those brave adventurers on the Zambia side can swim in the Zambezi River, and at some points get so close to the falls that they can safely sit at the very edge.

Because of Zambia’s close proximity to Zimbabwe, guests who wish to view the falls from the forefront can easily expand their trip to do so.

Considered the best park in Zambia as well as being called one of the most alluring in all of Africa, South Luangwa National Park is a treasured combination of spectacular scenery, an abundance of wildlife and a variety of species which include lions, leopards, elephants, impalas, buffaloes, pukus and waterbuck. Many areas of the park are inaccessible during the rainy months (November to April). The mighty Luangwa River flows steadily through the park and has become a great place to see animals. Guided safaris are available and walking safaris are a popular attraction here.

Canoeing trips down the majestic Zambezi River are available for those who are looking to add some excitement to their trip. This national park covers a large area along the north eastern banks of the Zambezi River and the park meets up with Zimbabwe’s Mana Pool National Park, creating one of the best wildlife areas on the continent.

Travelling here in the summer months can be a little intense as temperatures are known to hit the mid 40 degrees Celsius, but with air-conditioned accommodation, guests won’t be too uncomfortable.

How to Get There

International flights can land at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, which is about 14km from the nation’s capital Lusaka.

From there guests can choose whether they want to drive or fly between their destinations. Generally, if a safari is planned, transfers can be arranged between the airport and the various reserves. 

Travellers can also opt to fly to OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa, and then connect to Livingstone Airport in Zambia, should a trip to Victoria Falls be on the itinerary.

Best Time of the Year to Visit

The best time to visit Zambia is between the months of May and September. These are the country’s drier months and during this time, guests can see plenty of wildlife near rivers and waterholes.

Should the trip include some time at the Victoria Falls, visiting from June to September would be best. During the wet season, which is generally from November to April, many of the national parks close due to flooding.

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